The Return Of Cute Fan Girl

I can’t believe I’m back here again. This time it is completely a means to an end so to speak.

I have blogged on and off for the past 10 years or so of my life. I have found different identities along the way and some I have kept and others, well others I have killed a slow death. My return is, as I said a means to an end, a way to focus my social media insanity where I can. This “Blog” is more a command center to push readers to other content.

My images on Instagram, my fan-fic (god I can’t believe I’ve crossed over to that too) on and maybe at some point if I ever get my ass in gear to post – Twitter. This is a creative outlet for me, which I actually make about ME this time. Not my family really, not my life as a parent but about the craziness that is me.

Feel free to join me for the ride, laugh and even be my co-pilot. I can’t say it won’t be a bumpy ride, but it will be fun.


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