XCom: POP Goes The Toy

2017-07-04_12-39-38I have a complete obsession with the video game XCom by Firaxis. I was introduced to it on the PS3 with XCom: Enemy Unknown in 2012. Moving on from there was the DLC Enemy Within, which is where I got my crush on Central Officer Bradford, the HQ Mission Control Officer which helps you through the game. Yes – the sweater completely does it for me.

When they announced XCom 2, I was beside myself – but deeply concerned because the timeline jumped the story ahead some 20 years. Which means my young CO would have aged and possibly not well if the designers didn’t have the same love I had for him. Lucky for me they did. DAMN – they did. Gone was the XCom standard issue sweater, but I got so much more. Needless to say I fell in love all over again. For anyone who knows me I don’t do this. I might have had teen posters on my walls as a girl, but I didn’t swoon over the boy bands of my youth like other girls. So for me to be falling for a digital character like this was a bit of strange thing for me. Still I had my Central back and now he had a first name – John.

12662705_10208372599575666_3748378207632941639_nThe game came out and I played, beat it and played it again. I then was introduced to it on the PC, where I had mod options. God, help me! Yes, I could have Central fight along side my own personal characters.

I went down different paths after that. For one I decided to make a custom FUNKO Pop of Central, both from Enemy Within and from XCom2. I tracked my progress on my Facebook page (sorry not linked here) and on my Instagram account. When I was done I posted and even posted on my Twitter account. I amazingly got noticed by someone at Firaxis. The Marketing Manager saw my Pops and I got a like. Then a comment and then I got bold and decided I was going to offer to make him a set for fun. For me it’s ALL about the bragging rights let me tell you.

18486225_10212689944826599_8354636889640874878_nI set out to make him 4 custom pops – two of which I hadn’t even made for myself. From the original game Enemy Within: Central, Dr. Vahlen and Dr. Shen and then from XCom 2: Alien Hunters DLC – the Central Officer John Bradford solider. It took me a little bit of time, but it was totally worth it. In the end I got a box of amazing swag, an image for serious bragging rights of some of the creators of XCom with my creation and a shout out from Firaxis with images they took of the set. Hi – can you say ‘sweet’?

After all that – now what? Well I have my own set to build now. The first Central I built for myself had a fight with our puppy Ollie (yes – Green Arrow) and lost – badly. Then there was the fact that the Vahlen and Shen were completely new creations which got shipped off. So – right now I am building my own to display for my personal enjoyment. Along with a female Commander. Yes, in the game the Commander is who you are so – I am female so therefore my Commander has tits and ovaries. If you don’t like it – suck it.


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