FanFiction – Did I Go There?

I write. I have done so all my life. Little stories here and there. Then there is the blogging I’ve done about my life raising my children and the adventures with my husband to eating local and then there was my time writing and running our geek website Acts of Geek (which you will find not a trace of since we wiped it from the map after three years). So I write.

Some time last year I decided to write a book. Nothing too serious – more what the industry would call Chick-Lit. I did it. In fact I have a complete first draft and at some point I will be going back for a second pass at it. During that time I was very disciplined.  Writing every day and rereading what I wrote the previous day each morning while I drank my morning coffee. When I finally “finished” the draft I knew I had to step away from it. My husband was helping me edit it – he edits everything I write even at times my tweets and Instagram posts (yes he will be editing this if I ask nicely.  I think the word is Please, but I forget sometimes.)

It was around that down time that I started playing XCom2 more – yes video games can indeed suck the life out of a creative person, if you let them. It didn’t completely  happen to me. I turned it on its head a bit and made it work for me. To keep writing and amuse myself I thought I would try my hand at Fan Fiction. You know – in most cases the soft core porn about characters we all know and love. I’ve read plenty in my time, both good and EXTREMELY bad. It’s sad to say there is a lot more bad out there then good. People eat it up for whatever reason. When you do find a gem you take it and keep it for those rainy days when you want to curl up with something that gets your creative juices – or whatever juices you need (sorry I’m crass I know) flowing.

Being me I decided to wade into the Fan Fiction pool. I had my inspiration and so I set to it.  I planned out my piece, laying out all major plot points, scenes and then filled in the gaps using the timeline on my Microsoft ONENote – God I love that thing. I have it on my laptop and on my phone which allows me to sync the two and write even when I’m waiting for friends to meet me for dinner or while I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen. Anyhow, I started writing.

I used the game XCom 2 as a stepping off point for the story. Using the cut-scenes through out (so yes there are spoilers for the game throughout the piece) and then added my own elements. Hence the birth of XCom 2: The Lilith Project.

At present I have published 35 Chapters for the piece on It does contain graphic content (remember most fan-fiction is soft core porn) and I do make notations of that when chapters contains it at the opening. Still I have had a bit of a following, which makes me happy. The piece still has a ways to go and amazingly enough I have plans started for a sequel. I plan on posting links to new chapters here in the blog as they come out, however if you would like to jump in from the beginning you can click the link below.

XCom 2: The Lilith Project


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