Playing In the DC Comics Sandbox

I’ve been a comic girl for a long time. When I first met my husband online, one of the first things I asked him when he said he worked part-time in a comic book store was – “Are you a DC or Marvel guy?” He of course turned it around on me and I shocked him by saying I was an Image girl. I’m pretty sure he fell in love with me at that moment, but he might disagree.

As much as I loved Image comics when I was in college, I am honestly a DC girl at heart. I love the characters, most of which I grew up with and yet I have been on again and off again with them for years like many fans. People have their own ideas how the characters should act, their motivations and are dedicated immensely to their history and origins. When the industry calls for change, the publishers need a fresh idea and the creators find their muses-often it leads the heroes we love so far from the people we thought they once were and what gave them a place in our hearts. It’s happened to me. I walk away and come back when I’m ready.

I did that with when New 52 came into play. I couldn’t stand the places some of the icons I loved went. It saddened me. So I waited a long time on the sidelines for the team I loved so much to make a comeback. With Rebirth some of them did. Things I hated were washed away and I found myself excited again for things coming soon.

In the midst of DC’s Rebirth and me being born again into the DCU, I decided to do some more writing. Playing in the DC Universe I love so much with characters that I adore. A while back I kind of created a sort of villain – for, well, lets say a private project. She was a ghost of a character, until I started to flesh her out in the opening chapter of the piece.

Again I have plotted, planned and started to write future chapters for the piece. In some cases I’m probably doing things with characters people love which will upset them and then again maybe not. Check it out at Supergirl: The Black Rose and let me know!

Heroes are missing and the public is starting to question the Meta community’s ability to protect them. President Lex Luthor has called for the caped crusaders of America to help weed out this treachery before it’s too late. What happens when he finds himself confronted with his arch enemy’s newest protégé? Will Supergirl be his downfall or his atonement?


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