Toys Will Be Toys: Supergirl & Green Lantern

Recently I picked up a few action figures. One of them being Supergirl and the other Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Hal and Kara have always been in my heart as two of my favorite DC Characters. In fact they were on top of our wedding cake representing my husband and I.

So Kara and Hal ended up on my dresser near my PS4. One morning I woke up and was getting ready for work and noticed them – well lets just say they were having a good time. The next day a different position and then badness happened. Hal lost a leg. Kara was crushed. Until a brand new Hal, mint in box showed up later that night. She has since been patiently opening him. Trying to get to her new love – complete with “new boyfriend smell”

I’ve been posting them on my Instagram account for fun. Below is the slide show, which I’ll add the additional images as they are posted.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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